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A little History...

TVA was originally founded in 1999 to provide High School Vaulters options during the off season to train and compete. The organizations original name was Tri-Valley Vault Athletics. In the early years we would perform all our practices at Livermore High School in Livermore Ca.   In 2000 we migrated to Granada High School and used that facility as our base of operations.

In 2003, with the organization growing, we recognized the potential benefit to becoming a non profit organization so we went about the process of applying for and obtaining Non Profit status and were granted our 501c(3) certification.

Around that same time the Marcia Court Facility was constructed which relieved us of the burden of stowing the pit after each practice and provided for more flexible workout hours.  It is there where the majority of our practices take place.

and we continued to grow...

In 2007 we were joined by 18 elite athletes training for their shot at the olympics. We established a training Facility in Stockton, employing the services of Dan Pfaff as head coach and through those endeavors sent 5 athletes, training at the center, to the Olympics.  Given the new thrust of the organization, training all types of Track and Field athletes, we renamed the organization to reflect this expanded mission to Tri-Valley Athletics and adopted the logo you see a the top of the page. The rings symbolize Youth, Open/Elite and Masters.

We have now returned to our roots and our focus on the pole vault. The Stockton Facility has closed and we are once again located in Livermore and we continue to grow






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