Athlete Members

1.Arrive at practice ready to listen, learn, and work.

2.Be supportive of all athletes on your team and participating guests.

3.Show respect to club members, guests, spectators, officials and other athletes.

4.Learn the rules and always compete by them.

5.Use only appropriate language. Appropriate means acceptable to ALL.

6.Show good sportsmanship at all practices and competitions (whether competing or not).

7.Maintain a drug, alcohol, and tobacco free environment.

8.Remember, if you've tried your best, you are always a winner.

9.Have fun!


1.Model good sportsmanship.

2.Place you child's well-being above the desire to win.

3.Support coaches and officials working with your children.

4.Demand a drug, alcohol, and tobacco free environment.


1.Place the mental and physical well being of all athletes first.

2.Remember you are a coach and mentor.

3.Teach sportsmanship and fair play.

4.Show respect and courtesy to all.

5.Teach the concept where an honest effort is a victory.

6.Organize practices that are fun and challenging.

7.Know the rules of each event, and teach them to all athletes.

8.Demand and maintain a drug, alcohol and tobacco free environment.

Tri-Valley Athletics, Inc. maintains a “Zero Tolerance Policy.” To ensure the safety of our youth, the Tri-Valley Athletics organization will enforce a zero tolerance policy towards behavior not suitable for team athletics. Athletes will be expelled immediately for any drug use or underage alcohol consumption.

While coaches will teach and supervise activities, athletes are responsible for safe and appropriate behavior.  It is expected that athletes will come to practice with a willingness to learn and a positive attitude.  Volunteer coaches are there to instruct, not baby sit.  If there is a problem, the athlete will be asked to sit out the remainder of practice or competition for first offenses. Second offenses will result in being sent home and a written warning will be issued. At that time the athlete will be put on probation for a period of three months. Third offenses will result in expulsion from the club.

Coaches have the authority to expel any athlete for inappropriate behavior (i.e. fighting, poor sportsmanship, drug, alcohol use, etc.) on the first offense.

PARTICIPANT’S AGREEMENT: I have read the Tri-Valley Athletics Code of Conduct and will abide by it. I realize my failure to do so could result in a loss of privileges during the event and/or in the future.

Participant’s signature:___________________________________________________Date___________

PARENT/GUARDIAN’S AGREEMENT: As the parent/guardian of _______________________________ , I have read the Tri-Valley Athletics Code of Conduct and will support those in charge as they perform their responsibilities to see that appropriate behavior is maintained

Parent /Guardian’s Signature______________________________________________Date___________

Code of Conduct